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November 2022
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Peer to Peer Photo Critique (7:00 PM EDT)
Join us for a peer to peer photo critique session. Come prepared with one or two photos that you would like to share for critique by fellow club members. Members will be able to share at least one photo. Additional photos may be critiqued if time allows.
Member Meeting - Salon & Gallery Open Board Competition (7:00 PM EST)
Join us for a competition meeting! This competition will be an open board competition for both Salon and Gallerie members. Salon members will be permitted two (2) digital entries for projection. Gallerie members are permitted three (3) digital entries for projection.  Please note: • Deadline for submissions is Thursday, November 10, 2022 at 8pm. • All images for submission can be no larger than 2048 pixels in width and 1536 pixels in height at 72 DPI. • File size may not exceed 2 megabytes. • When entering the title on the portal site you must use upper and lower case letters and the first letter of each word must be capitalized. Ex. The Big Red Tree or TheBigRedTree. • For complete competition guidelines, reference the club "Handbook and Guide to Competitions"
Educational Class - Sports Photography (10:00 AM EST)
Join us for an educational class presented by local photographer Sean Murphy and learn how to get better action shots for the fall and winter sports.  Football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, and swimming and diving amongst others, will be covered.  We will go over camera and lens choices, camera settings, where to position yourself for the best shots, and how to anticipate the classic moments. This 60-90 minute class is ideal for anyone of any level who wants to improve their sports photography. The class is free and open to all current club members.

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